Portfolio - FileMaker database development

Databases in FileMaker for medical and business applications: Emergency Department Patient Management system, Integrated Medical Imaging and Reporting , Surgical Theatre Patient management system, patient letters and drug prescribing, Private Practice Medical Accounts, Income projection Statements, Obesity Clinic patient management system, Pathology Reporting System, Agency Staff requirement booking system. Cortical Data has extensive computing expertise and FileMaker Pro ® database development FileMaker since the 1980's.

Emergency Department Patient Management System


An Electronic ER Whiteboard deployed at Modbury Hospital Emergency Department as a replacement for the traditional whiteboard, the Triage desk database layout provides Patient entry and Triage priority, provisional assessment assignment, current patients list, bed assignment to any location, complete Emergency Department bed occupancy profile, per patient location (bed occupancy) history, rapid assessment allocation. The patient layout is specialised for nursing stations and provides medical and nursing staff tracking, medical officer assignment, handover and timestamped history, referrals assignment and timestamped tracking, tests booking, medical diagnosis assignment, discharge letter generation, discharge... Emergency Department Patient Management System



A processor for manually creating character substituted HTML encoded <code>output</code> from text, table encoding from text input with specifiable delimiter, navigation list creation from text input, or file system filtered popup path menu, id and/or class specify, customisable title and anchor exclude, substitute, add functions, all file, folders only files only one level or recursive, specify parent child level , site root relative or document root relative encoding. Tabilizer with instant WebViewer visualisation.

Structured Pathology Reporting of Cancer


Structured pathology reporting tool for The Royal College of Pathologists Australasia. The database provides a means of the pathologist directly entering the standard pro-forma data for respective protocols. Data entry is a mixture of controlled input (radio buttons, check-boxes, pop up value lists, and free text. Where relevant WHO diagnosis classifications are provided as a filtered selectable search.

Pathology information and reporting system


Fully integrated patient specimen and block tracking, tests, images, reporting, letters and referrals , and integrated presentation function.

AbleAirTools - Repair business job tracking, Invoicing, Inventory and Accounting system


Job module with integrated quoting, Companies, Contacts, invoicing, customisable default part profiles, embedded tool parts catalogue breakdowns as high resolution callable PDF, image and video attachment to jobs, tools, email ordering, email purchasing, integrated bar code based inventory and location profiling, and stock control.

Scalpel - Patient management system for Obesity Clinics


Patient management System with attendance tracking, Tests, Imaging, complete Surgical profiling and history, patient documentation integration ( letters referrals, pathology reports...) Integrated pathology laboratory reporting results importing and processing for 'paperless' records. Patient cross mapping to central Practice Management System. Extensive pathology report search and retrieval., text file Laboratory results processed to detailed test profiles (Ca, Mg, Fe, ....)

RECIST - Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumours


Haematology/Oncology Structured Reporting - Integrated Medical Imaging and Reporting Tool, importation of raw DAT files with automated processing integrated to patient record, searchable patient and reporting history, trial enrolments tacking, target and non target lesion profiling, integrated patient image storage, display and review. Formatted report output as PDF with imaging inclusion. Integrated Meeting presentation tool. Matrix review with multiple organ lesion size tracking.

Income Projection Statement


12 month, month by month, cost planning and actualised profiling, what-if profile generation and analysis. 27 standard parameters with parallel plan c.f. actual across 12 months ( 27 x 24 matrix) at a glance position tracking review.

Speech Advantage Medical - patient letters and drug prescribing


Australian PBS based with SAC and TAN Authority codes and PBS Item Code controlled drug prescribing, with 6 level filtered local searchable PBS drugs, PBS Body System coding, with integrated WHO based diagnosis classification.

Surgical Assist - Surgical theatre Operation System.


Operation details and procedural profiling for Australian Army. Operations and Procedures performed, comorbidities, complications, risk grading, hospital stay and ICU duration's, Sentinel Event and Adverse Event, Diagnosis, Discharge Summary, Unit Minimum Audit, De-Identified Audit, Operations Summary

Staff requirement booking system

Web based (IWP) client institution requirement booking system, and staff availability booking system.

Other database systems developed by Cortical Data

  • Botanicals databases - GPS location tracking for trees
  • Double entry accounting package development for small business
  • Chemical inventory suitable for laboratories or institutions, with integrated Australian requirements
  • Integrated laboratory management systems, including purchasing
  • Databases for large research projects
  • Calendaring and appointments
  • Image management library systems for medical academics
  • Private medical practice patient billing accounting systems
  • Unique recipe costing software for the food and restaurant industry, featuring Ingredient purchase cost tracking and statistics, integrated Purchasing unit, Recipe unit automatic unit conversion for standardised ingredient unit costing, recipe and meal compilation and automatic costing, ingredient chemistry profiles...
  • Job costing, time and part tracking and billing for automotive workshops
  • Contact and inventory management for the single owner/operator business
  • Inventory systems with barcoding for any application
  • Personal finance systems
  • Reference parts catalogue solutions
  • Small delivery docket solutions

FileMaker enables rapid development, is enormously flexible, stable, robust, and secure; a very practical and efficient database system and development tool.