Cortical Data - About Us

Cortical Data provides custom FileMaker database development built to your specific requirements. Standards compliant, best practice and efficient design tailored to your workflow.

Cortical Data - Who are we?

Cortical Data provide individualised and personal service for FileMaker database and web development. You always deal directly with a principal of the business. Our practice is to do it better. It always has been. Standards compliance and best practice design are foundation strategies. Architecture design is fully relational and readily expanded to accommodate additional requirements downstream.

We have over 25 years experience in computing and FileMaker Pro® database development.

Cortical Data - Where are we?

Located in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

Cortical Data - What do we do?

Database Development

Our business is custom database development. Our frame of reference and tool of choice for database development is FileMaker Pro®, with integration to MySQL as required. We believe absolutely in elegant design, and pursue simple pure architecture at all levels. Logical, powerful, elegant simplicity, standards compliant.

Over the years we have dealt with data management in a variety of industries and situations; Medical patient management systems, research data, imaging, food industry, automotive, accounting solutions, tool repair, parts and job tracking. We do understand you have your ways of doing things. That has never has been a problem. The object of the exercise always, is to implement a solution that works how you work, the interface presents the functions and data you need together; the interface design will accommodate your work flow. That after all is the point of custom database development.

FileMaker enables rapid development, it is enormously flexible, robust, a secure and practical tool.

Web Development

The web is part of contemporary life and is certainly part of business and data delivery, hence we write web structures too. Almost anyone who can move a mouse can build a web page, even an 80 year old uncle. At Cortical Data we believe that building a site appropriate for a business requires a somewhat different level of expertise. We are only interested in building sites that are standards compliant. We build for today, and tomorrow. Sound design, sensible architecture. W3C ® standards compliant, current best practice driven, validated XHTML using the W3C Mark-up Validation Service and validated CSS using the W3C CSS Validator.

About our site

Our web site is generated using CodeGen, a custom Web Content Management System written by Cortical Data. Written as XHTML 1.1 compliant with the published World Wide Web Consortium standards body XHTML 1.1 recommendation, and validated using W3C validation service for mark-up, and CSS.

Pure CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets) to separate style from content (analogous to data separation in database design) fully validated CSS design, no internal style, no JavaScript® and no Flash ® here either, tables for actual data only, All image rollovers and menu flyouts are pure CSS. Clean and lean coded CSS styled pages are smaller, and are downloaded faster, and provide easily implemented uniformity to an entire site.

What we do

  • Custom database development
  • Migration from other database formats
  • Remodelling of legacy databases to relational, normalised, standards compliant, data separation model architecture
  • Conversion of delimited text data to database tables
  • Work flow targeted interface design
  • FileMaker Server software installation and configuration
  • Client FileMaker Pro software installation
  • User Help documentation development
  • User training